Ingredients (4 serves):

1 kg of potatoes

1 large onion

6-8 medium eggs

A splash of milk

Sunflower oil for frying


Optional: green and red pepper, chorizo, ham tacos york, Iberian ham or grated Manchego cheese.


Time: 40 minutes


“Tortilla de patatas” is perhaps the most typical Spanish dish or one of the best known. Only for this reason already deserves that we dedicate this video recipe, because there are many ways to do it, many versions and here we are going to propose some.

First we start by choosing the type of potato we are going to use. It will depend on the taste of the diners, but in our restaurant we always choose a potato to boil, which are whiter when frying, but also a little more juicy. If you use this type of potato just keep in mind that for more than the friais will not change the color to golden.


Once we have the potatoes we peel them, always trying to waste the least possible potato, wash the potato and cut it in 4 portions and from these portions we are making squares more or less than a thickness of 1 cm.


When they are all cut we wash them again and we put them to fry in abundant sunflower oil. Usually we do not use olive oil to fry because it would bring too intense a flavor and we would lose the original flavor of the main ingredients. Of course, we will save the extra virgin olive oil in crude for the bread with tomato with which we will accompany the tortilla.


At this point in the recipe we can add the ingredients that we want. The usual thing is to leave it like this or add onion cut into julienne, but we can also add green and red pepper. You can also add chorizo, tacos of ham, Iberian ham or manchego grated cheese. Or mix several of these ingredients. When the ingredients are raw they are cut into squares and fried together with the potatoes. The cured ingredients are added directly to the egg along with the fried potatoes and mixed. Here are some of our favorite varieties, but we encourage you to experiment with other ingredients.


Then beat the eggs in proportion to the amount of potatoes we have, for example, for 1 kilo of potatoes we will use 6-8 eggs. Beat them until they are sparkling and add a little salt. If you make the tortilla at home you can try a trick that surely all the grandmothers know. We warn you that some will not seem unappealing but others will love it! It consists of adding a splash of milk to the beaten eggs and we mix them again. This small detail will bring more juiciness to the tortilla, which will become more spongy. If you are allergic to lactose you can try a vegetable milk. In the restaurant we never add milk precisely in case there are people who are intolerant or allergic but if you can try it at home you will notice the difference.


Following the recipe, when the potato is fried we take it out of the pan with a slotted spoon and place it in a dish with absorbent paper towels to remove excess oil. Mix the eggs with the potatoes and other ingredients until everything is well mixed.


It is important to select a nonstick pan to prevent the tortilla from sticking. Put a dash of sunflower oil left over from frying the potatoes, spread it well and pour the egg mixture, potato and other ingredients into the pan. When done on the one hand, place a flat dish above the pan, hold it firmly by the handle and with the other hand hold the plate, turn the tortilla and put the tortilla in the pan to that is done on the other side.


We can leave the tortilla very cooked (more dry and compact), half-done (more juicy) or even undercooked (with a little liquid egg in the center). This will depend on the cook and diners, since there is nothing written about taste. Finally we will only enjoy this wonderful omelet with its friends and family. A delicious dish that we can accompany with a “pà amb tomaquet” (the typical catalan bread with tomato rubbed over) and a good seasonal salad.